Grow Your Business in Germany

Industries driven by advances in technology, such as Information and Communication Technologies (ICT), life sciences, renewable energies, manufacturing, machinery, automotive, and financial services thrive in Germany.

If you are a technology-driven company and your focus is on commercialization of your innovative products and solutions, then Germany — and the Munich Metropolitan Area in particular — is a good place to be. I will help you establish a bridgehead into the prosperous and growing economy in Germany. Whether you are a newly founded startup, a small to medium sized company, or a large enterprise, I can accelerate your market entry or expansion on the German market.

As a business consultant I connect innovative technology companies of all sizes across borders. My motivation is that of a market-making entrepreneur with a ‘tertius iungens’ orientation, who has a predisposition to spot opportunities for effective and profitable collaboration between previously unrelated economic agents. Like an Opportunity Maker, I bring people and business entities together in collaboration and cooperation, when and where there are synergies and mutual benefits to reap.

That is how I contribute to your business development and growth, both in Denmark and in Germany. My measures of achievement are the sustainable economic benefits, growth and returns on investment that my clients realize.