Market Assessment

If you are in an early stage of exploration and assessment, I will provide you with valuable input to your business plan. As a first step I will listen to you and ask questions in order to understand your current business model and strategy, and your expectations for expanding into or on the German market. Next, I will collect relevant information to assess your opportunities and strengths versus possible weaknesses and threats in relation to the German market, and I will present you with an evaluation with guidance and advice. As a frame of reference I use the Business Model Canvas®.

Market specific information needed to assess your opportunities and chances include customer segments, market volume, competing products and services, pricing, supply chain structure, distribution channels and legal requirements.

Business Model Generation

If you are past the initial stage, where you have assessed your opportunities and chances for success on the German market, I accompany you thru the next phase of developing a market specific business model, or a set of alternative business models. Using the Business Model Canvas®, I help you fill in the blanks with specific data and information, that will serve as the foundation for planning and executing your strategy.
It is important to note, that the Business Model Canvas® is a live document, which ideally goes thru iterations as feedback from the market help to improve the model.

Go-to-Market Planning

When you have decided on a business model to implement, set your goals, and defined your strategy for going to market, or expanding your activities on the German market, then the next step is to develop your game plan. The typical outcome is a specific action plan that describes the main activities that are to be carried out in order to meet the identified goals and objectives. I assist you in outlining your plan with activities, assignments, dates, budgets, and milestones. The plan may be elaborate, detailed, and covering at least six months or up to three years, or – if you are a small to medium-sized company and your resources are not limitless – we take an agile and dynamic approach to planning. Together we break it down into phases of a few weeks or a couple of months, and set milestones for evaluation and review.

Go-to-Market Execution

When your first action plan is ready and approved by you, I assist you with the execution of the plan and monitoring the results; and I help you to constantly review and adjust the plan, if needed. In executing the plan I can take on various roles and activities on your behalf: advisor, sparring partner, lead generator, matchmaker, sales support, recruiter, etc. This may also include establishing a business address in Germany, and setting up and staffing your virtual or physical office.

Information Tour

For individual companies as well as groups and organizations seeking to get first hand impressions and gather facts and information in order to evaluate opportunities for market access and expansion, I will provide full-service planning and execution of Information Tours. Based on your needs and expectations, organization, group size, time and budget, I first develop a tour itinerary with you. Then I put together the specific program, schedule meetings, make arrangements for company visits, set up agreements with presenters, organize the logistics – and I accompany you through the complete tour from your arrival till your departure.